Plans & Projects

We are currently focused on developing Framework Plans that integrate the parks history, existing conditions and issues and community needs. This is done through research and analysis of existing conditions, design studies, community outreach, public education, interpretation, and development of sustainable management and maintenance strategies and plans.
This focus includes:

  1. Landscape/Environment
  2. Water

  3. Circulation

  4. Recreation

  5. Structures

  6. Site Amenities

  7. Public Process

Objectives include:

  • Create a cohesive and compelling (predominantly naturalistic) planting design in the Olmsted Character. This means considering historical precedents for landscape form, landscape design, planting, circulation, and views when evaluating or designing changes to the park, as well as treating historic structures and features in a manner appropriate to the relative significance.

  • Develop use and approach to landscape management and maintenance that considers the historic and ecological quality. Include consideration of environmental impacts and the management and design of recreational uses.

  • Respect the significance of water bodies and their visual and physical qualities, as well as improving water quality.

  • Provide more variety and quantity of plant material provided greater visual, or the cultural, ecological and educational interest.

  • Establish landscape planting designs that will minimize the noise and visual impact of roadways and parking lots and that will scream and soften architectural elements.

  • Maintain and/or change the shape and size of each park parcel to enhance the environmental, aesthetic and recreational benefits, provide better wildlife habitat, and to improve maintenance efficiency.

  • Respect and enhance environmentally sensitive areas in each park.

  • Provide more variety and quality plant material to provide better, more ecologically sound wildlife habitat and greater visual, horticultural, and educational interest.

  • Locate and design new structures and features in a way that retains or enhances the parks’ historic fabric and current and future needs.

  • Remove and/or redesign in a more sympathetic manner, features that detract from the integrity of the historic character.

In addition to the Framework Plans, which will provide direction, we are working with stakeholders to develop projects as well. Together, these include alternatives where appropriate.
For more information regarding current status of plans & projects, please refer to this web site or contact us directly.

Community Workshops
Project 120 Chicago and the Chicago Park District are periodically hosting Public Workshops. Information about Workshops is provided on this website. Join our mailing list to receive notificaion. You can also contact us at:

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We welcome you to share information about your use of the parks and ideas for their improvement with Project 120 Chicago and the Chicago Park District.