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Dancer Sono Osato inspires Thodos' new 'Journey'

Dancer Sono Osato inspires Thodos' new 'Journey'

Chicago Tribune | January 5, 2016

Dancer Sono Osato inspires Thodos' new 'Journey'

by Lauren Molzahn

An excerpt from the article:

Lots of intertwined stories coalesced in Thodos' new "Sono's Journey." But the bottom line was Osato's Chicago upbringing. At 14, she auditioned for the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo on the Auditorium stage — where Thodos' premiere will be performed Saturday, with three company favorites, as part of the Auditorium's "Made in Chicago" series. Osato left Chicago to join the Ballet Russe, then began dancing with American Ballet Theatre in New York; later still, she performed on Broadway and even did some film acting.

The year that Osato left Chicago, 1934, her parents became the caretakers of Jackson Park's Japanese gardens and teahouse, a Tokyo-built structure relocated and repurposed after debuting at the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. When Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941, the Jackson Park teahouse and gardens were closed.

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